CherryGrove in India! Part 2


After our performances in Kolkata we hopped on another plane to Goa.  The cities are incredible different from each other so it felt like we had travelled to a new country entirely.  All of the performers travelled together and it was great to get to know everyone.  Airports CAN be fun!


After checking into our hotel we headed straight for more press.  This time the press conference included many journalists and we each did a short performance for them and then a collaboration of all of the team leaders.




On one of our days off in Goa we travelled to Mapusa Market to do some souvenir shopping.  The market was possibly one of the most colour places I have ever been with food and crafts around every corner.  IMG_1271_1024

We bought handwoven scarves and pillowcases from a lovely woman who gifted all of the girls with bindis.


Glasses from IOLLA.

Below is an expert from the Times of India newspaper.

“Panaji: Enthralling a packed room of music lovers, the opening act of the second edition of Sufi Sutra in Goa resonated at the Kala Academy with a stimulating live performance on Wednesday.

No sooner did Marianne of Cherry Grove strum the chords of her guitar than the upbeat melodies of the band echoed through the auditorium. Within the next 10 minutes, the band had its audience engaged in an interactive sing-along to the tunes of popular Scottish songs, Black is the colour and Home on my mind, besides their own original songs.

In India for the first time, Fraser and her team are thrilled to be part of the festival. “We love the sunshine in Goa compared to the biting cold in Scotland,” she said.”


Between performances we had the chance to travel to the beach.  Yes, the beach.  We were all pale and white from the cold Scottish winter we were in the middle of so we were literally jumping with joy all the way to the beach.  We enjoyed fresh fruit and ice cold Indian beers off the west coast of the country in 34 degree heat.  Pure bliss.  IMG_1402_1024

My legs were whiter than the sand.

Nearing the end of our Indian tour we prepared for the final concert of the Sufi Sutra World Peace Music Festival – the closing ceremony.  The organisers spared nothing when it came to delivering an exciting final show.  There was music, dancing and collaborations between countries and art forms – it was an incredible special night and one I will never forget.



Thank you to everyone who was involved in the festival and I can’t wait to return to this incredibly vibrant country.


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Don’t try and kiss boys at a house party…


For the promotion of our debut album we made our next music video – this time with acting and a storyline! We enlisted the help of Nik Aiton and his team to make this possible.  In this video I flirt with a boy at a party and it all ends in disaster. He then has to get rid of everyone from the party and think of a way to get rid of me – hence the bath of “bleach”.  I was in the water for around 2 hours filming these shots – we had to keep filling up the kettle to add more hot water so I didn’t freeze!  I’d just dyed my hair dark purple so the milky water turned pink!

GRAVE2 IMG_0032_1024

Once we finished shooting the scenes in the bath I changed into the exact same outfit (dry this time) and had my hair and makeup redone.  I was then attached to this wonderful contraption so I could be dragged through the house (dead) with the camera right in my face.  Delightful.


The very talented Martin Bell did a great job of killing me off in this one. Enjoy the video!

We invited friends over and filled up their “red cups” to film the party scenes.  Thanks to everyone who came along 🙂 – let’s do it again some time!


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CherryGrove in India! Part 1


In January this year I travelled to India with CherryGrove.  We were invited to represent Scotland and perform at Sufi Sutra World Peace Music Festival in Kolkata and Goa.

IMG_0936_1024     IMG_0977_1024

After several hours of flying, we arrived in Kolkata and were picked up and taken to our hotel and given 20 minutes to freshen up and head straight out for a media shoot for one of Kolkata’s largest newspapers.


Bengali Cherry

We then had some time to rest and get ready for the next few days of work! The next morning we were taken on a tour of Kolkata including the incredible Vidyasagar Setu also known as the Second Hooghly Bridge – the longest cable bridge in India.

Vidyasagar Setu


We were then taken to explore the Victoria Museum, a very grand marble building built between 1906 and 1921 for Queen Victoria.  It’s a really spectacular building and it attracts many tourists and school groups. I realise in hindsight that in India, a person with bright pink hair and numerous tattoos is something you don’t see every day! It might explain some of the pictures below 🙂



It was then time to get to work.  We were transported around the city in Police vehicles the whole time – though I promise we didn’t break any laws! We were performing in a theatre in the centre of the city and we performed alongside musicians and dancers from Brazil, Burkina Faso, Hungary, India, Portugal & USA.


IMG_1126_1024 IMG_1127_1024 IMG_1128_1024

  IMG_1443_1024 IMG_1444_1024


The video below shows some of our collaborations and a little from our outdoor workshop with local musicians Cactus as well as clips from the incredible artists we had the pleasure of working with during the festival.


IMG_1030 (1)

End of Part 1!

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My First Tattoo This Side of the Atlantic


My left leg is really filling up and it was bothering me for a while that there was a big space right on my knee.  I finally gathered the courage to resolve that issue and I contacted Bobby Williams at Rise Above Tattoo in Orlando, Florida.  He’s a great and diverse artist and you can check out his work on Instagram @bobbytats.  He got back to me really quickly and sent me this. Beautiful, isn’t it?!


In the past couple of years I’ve tried to collect tattoos from great artists across the world and this is the first time I’ve been tattooed since I moved out to Orlando.

I drove the 30 miles to the shop during a really intense thunderstorm and waited in my car for another 20 minutes before I decided just to go for it and run to the shop in the pouring rain.  Arriving in the shop completely soaked (even though my car was maybe only 30 meters from the door of the shop) I was welcomed straight away not only by the staff but by the nice decor (picture from

yelp pic

I loved this cheeky (pardon the pun) little flash number (pardon the second pun) on the wall by the welcome desk.


The stencil was put on and we were good to go.

thumb_IMG_2843_1024 thumb_IMG_2844_1024

I sat for almost 3 hours (lots of lines!) and honestly, it was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be. I’m not saying that to try and sound tough but it was only the very last few bits of shading that I began to struggle with the pain.  We decided to stop after 3 hours as I’d swollen up considerably – but I’ll be back soon to get it coloured in!


Thanks Bobby, see you soon!


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Cherry Fest

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my site!

I’m currently putting together some new posts about what I’ve been up to and can’t wait for them to go live.  I’d love to hear any feedback! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on here 🙂

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